Security Screens and Doors: Discover the Advantages

Do you worry about your house being broken into while you’re at work or travelling? Many homeowners in Australia are concerned about the security of their homes and keeping their families safe. Security screens and doors are an ideal security solution because they aren’t as expensive as other systems and they are easy for a professional to install.
Security screens and doors are designed to withstand attacks. A thief might try to cut the mesh on a security screen or kick down a security door. However, these screens are stronger and more durable than traditional flyscreens, meaning you don’t have to worry about intruders getting inside. Security screens can also double as a flyscreen to keep out insects and pests. You’ll still be able to lock the screen while opening your door or window to let in the fresh air and natural light – creating a pleasant environment and improving energy efficiency.
SP Screens offers two types of security screens and doors. The Eclipx screen system is crafted from a stainless steel mesh that is extremely strong and resistant to harsh environments.  The Xceed screen system is a mid-range option made from hardened aluminium which is resistant to corrosion. Both products can be customised to match your home’s décor or colour palette so that you don’t have to compromise your home’s aesthetic. You can also use them with fall-prevention screens and even integrate a pet door. Browse our website or contact an SP Screens representative for further information about securing your home with a sturdy, yet stylish screen or door.

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