Emotionally Focused Therapy: What It Is

Emotionally focused therapy, sometimes shortened to EFT, is considered short-term therapy that primarily focuses on attachment and bonding for adult relationships. You and your therapist look for patterns in your relationship and can then work on ways to create a more secure bond, develop trust, and move your relationship into a more positive direction. Many times, it is used for families and couples in distress. They can learn to improve their relationship by learning how to deal with their anger, loss of trust, fear, or betrayal. EFT can also be helpful for individuals with an illness, including a spouse, family member, or child.

Emotionally focused therapy is short-term, but there’s a lot of work involved. Your therapist observes you and your spouse in a clinical setting, tying that behaviour to what happens in the home. Therefore, they can help you create new conversations or interactions by helping you focus your feelings and emotions. You may also talk about your emotional issues to learn new ways of coping or dealing with them. In some cases, you may learn about emotions you didn’t even know you had. Once they are out in the open, you and your therapist can address them so that you can move forward, both personally and in the relationship.

From 2 to 3 offers help to new families and those who are going through a crisis. If you’re wondering what to do or where to turn, Ginny Lindsay can help you. She’s saved many relationships and marriages throughout the years, and she had a vast knowledge about trending options, including emotionally focused therapy. Many times, she incorporates a variety of therapies to help you and your loved ones grow closer together, work through issues, and live a happier, healthy life so that your children grow up in a happy home.

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