How To Save Money On Cooling And Heating With An Energy Efficient Skylight

Skylights can add value to your home, as well as aesthetic appeal. However, they’re also great to help you get more natural light into the house. You’ll find many benefits to using skylights, especially if they’re the newer, more energy-efficient versions.

What They Are

A skylight is a window that’s installed on your roof. They can have blinds like traditional wall windows and may or may not open and close, depending on the brand and style you select. Sunlight will come through the opening and into the room, which can provide warmth and natural light during daytime hours.

How They Save Money

An energy efficient skylight allows approximately five times the light into your home. Traditional windows can offer some light, but they’re not positioned correctly to provide maximum lighting. Because the sunlight can get in through the roof, it will heat up the air slightly which means you may not have to use your furnace or other heating options as frequently.

While more sunlight means more warmth, many of them from Diamond Skylights offer blinds or shades so you can control the amount of sunlight coming in. During warm months, you can save money on your cooling bill by lowering the blinds to keep the hot sun out, especially on days when you won’t be at home during the daytime hours.

You may also be able to find window tints for your skylights, which can shade the sun somewhat while still allowing natural light into the room.

Where To Place Them

Primarily, skylights can be put in any room of your house. Most people prefer them in living rooms and kitchens, where more light is always helpful. However, they can be placed in bedrooms, bathrooms, and other areas, as they provide more light and ventilation options.

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