Is Grass-Fed Beef Worth The Hype It Brings?

Many people have chosen a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle because they’re so worried about where their meat is sourced and how safe and healthy it is. It’s much easier to determine how fresh and safe vegetables and fruits are, as you can wash them and find local farmer’s markets. While most people don’t realise it, grass-fed beef used to be all that was available.

Before farmers decided to bulk them up quickly and give them antibiotics and hormones to make them larger, all cows and animals roamed free on the farm and ate grasses. Therefore, the concept isn’t new, but rather, people now realise the potential for harm.

Lifestyle Practices

Primarily, a grass-fed cow has to be given a green vegetable diet only. While they may drink their mother’s milk during the first year of life, they are weaned and allowed to roam and eat grasses and shrubs.

Likewise, they gain weight at a slower pace, which means they are healthier and slow to mature. This allows their meat to tenderise and taste better. Along with tasting better, they get more exercise because they have to forage, which also strengthens the muscle and helps tenderise the rest of the meat.

Because they’re not fed drugs, you’re not ingesting drugs, making it a win-win.

How The Meat Is Affected

Because of the lifestyle practices of grass-fed beef, the animal has less fat, which means fewer calories for you. Likewise, they have higher Omega-3s, vitamin A and are more filling. You’ll find yourself feeling full and satisfied because of the rich, deep flavour, so you’ll eat less and feel full.

Where To Find

The trouble with grass-fed beef is that you don’t know exactly what went into the meat. Therefore, it’s best to choose The Meat Store, as they can guarantee that your meat is fresh and safe.

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