Organic Meat – The Best Food That Burns Fat

While most people realise the benefit of grilled chicken and eat it regularly, there are times when you need something more. However, it may be surprising to learn that more low-fat, high-protein meats can help you burn more fat and lose more weight. The trick is to use organic meat. Grass-fed and organic meats just mean that the animal was fed grass throughout their lives and didn’t fatten up on grains toward the end of their lives. Organic means that no preservatives, hormones or steroids were used in the feed or injected into the animal at any time.


When most people think of grilling or barbecuing, they reach for the beef in the form of steaks and hamburgers. Nothing seems to beat a deliciously prepared and fresh meat. The trick is to choose organic meat from trusted sources, such as The Meat Shop. Grass-fed options have less fat and fewer calories, which means you can eat more (or the same amount) and still be at or below the same calories.


Again, most people already understand the benefits of poultry, such as grilled chicken breast and turkey breast. However, the added hormones and steroids used in packaging or growing can lead to more calories here, as well. Therefore, buy organic and free-range whenever possible.

Pork Tenderloin

Pork has always been seen as the other white meat, but it has also been considered an enemy of dieters and doctors alike. Pork tenderloin can be an excellent alternative to red meats and poultry, and still offers a lot of protein. Your body needs and craves protein for every meal to help you feel full, as well as to repair and build lean muscle. Likewise, pork is also low fat, contains choline and can help lower your weight and burn fat.