What Is Perinatal Counselling And Benefits?

Many women find that becoming pregnant and giving birth is a troubling time. It brings about a lot of worry, and can result in post-traumatic stress syndrome and depression. If you have trouble conceiving or feelings of grief, sadness, or anxiety, you may want to consider perinatal counselling.

There is no shame in asking for help, and many counsellors specialise in such options because they know it can be hard for new mums. They can help you and other family members become a strong, healthy unit once more. You’ll get evidence-based support that is tailored to your particular needs, as well as behaviour management and coaching.

The goal here is to find someone that you can trust. In most cases, it is best to search for perinatal counselling broadly, because it is such a specialty. Many counsellors do not offer such options because they are not qualified, or inexperienced. Therefore, you should focus on counsellors and companies that specifically offer this option to new moms and other members of the family, as well. You may need a referral from a paediatrician, psychiatrist or GP, though you may choose to seek such help for yourself to be more proactive in your mental health care.

At From 2 to 3, you get relationship and couples counselling who have the skills and ability to help you through your time of need. Whether you have trouble conceiving, lost a baby through miscarriage, or get stressed out with the new responsibilities of parenthood, they are available to talk you through it, listen to your anguish, and provide options that can make it easier to cope with your feelings. You aren’t alone in your struggle, and it is time to recognise that through perinatal counselling, which can bring about change, positivity, and the feeling of contentedness with your new life.