3 Things to Get Excited About on Flights to Vanuatu

There are lots of attractions to read about while on flights to Vanuatu. Many people like to travel to Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu. This can be found on Efate, one of several islands forming Vanuatu.

Vanuatu is an archipelago or chain of islands. Efate sits roughly in the middle of them. In turn, Port Vila is on the southern coastline and offers several attractions worth visiting.

Mele Cascades

A highlight for many – especially those who like to swim – we can enjoy this waterfall in all its natural glory. Once we realise what it can offer, we may dream about it on flights to Vanuatu. We can take a tour to the attraction and enjoy a snack at the café that is at the site as well. Swimming and tumbling over the falls to reach the water below is an experience not to be missed.

Erakor Island

It is possible to take a trip from Port Vila out to Erakor Island for the day. We can do so quite easily thanks to the presence of a ferry service that runs throughout the day and night. Many go to the island for the snorkelling opportunities on offer by the beach. We can expect white sands and kayaks for hire as well.

Hideaway Island

We may view this as the most romantically-named island in Port Vila. Just a short distance away from the mainland at Port Vila, it can be reached via ferry. The island is home to a marine sanctuary, where we can swim and snorkel to see the world beneath the surface of the water.

Flights to Vanuatu are pleasant enough, but there are many delights that are waiting for us when we land in Vanuatu itself. Port Vila is certainly worthy of a visit.

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