How to Reduce Jet Lag on Flights to Bali

The longer a flight goes on for, the more likely it is we’ll suffer from jet lag. Flights to Bali from Australia are typically around six hours. However, stopovers and waiting for connecting flights could lead to a far longer journey time.

There are things we can do before, during, and after the flight to minimise the effects of jet lag. Here are some suggestions to make any trip easier to manage.

Avoid Heavy Food

We all know how uncomfortable we tend to feel after eating too much food. The last thing we want is to feel like this while on a plane. While we can get up and walk around (and we should), it doesn’t ease the uncomfortable feeling of having eaten too much of anything.

It’s best to eat light meals in the days leading to the flight. We shouldn’t overeat on the flights to Bali, either, no matter how tempting the food might be.

Keep Up the Water Intake

While it’s possible to drink alcohol on a flight, it’s dehydrating and can make us feel worse. Lack of fluid also exacerbates jet lag. Little and often is the best way to go – and the occasional trip to the toilet will help stretch our legs too. The occasional tea or coffee is fine and will avoid headaches and other withdrawal symptoms.

Don’t Oversleep

It’s tempting to sleep in once we arrive at our destination to catch up on what we’ve missed. However, this means it’ll take longer to adjust to local time. Even on flights to Bali, we may notice oversleeping makes us feel worse. Plenty of fresh air, good food, and water will help us adjust to the new normal.

It’s impossible to avoid jet lag completely. However, the tips given above should reduce the chances of us feeling poorly for the first few days of our trip.

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