Absorbent Mats: Choosing The Right Ones

Absorbent mats are designed for different uses, so it’s essential to pick the right one for the task at hand. While they all have similar functions (which is to absorb liquid), they may go about it different ways for different chemicals or liquids. For example, oil pads are designed to soak up oils and fuels while leaving the water alone, which is perfect for marine use. Chemical pads are designed to absorb any industrial liquid, such as aggressive chemicals, coolants, and more. You can also find general-purpose pads that can soak up water-based or solvent-based liquids.

As you can see, choosing absorbent pads is essential but not always straightforward. For routine spills that aren’t considered dangerous, you can use general-purpose options. Chemical pads work well for water, solvents, and more, so they may be best to use in any situation. However, they might be more expensive than general-purpose, so it’s best to take that into account when ordering. Oil pads are only suitable for oils and repel water. Regardless of the options you choose, it is essential to have spill kits, land socks, and other appropriate spill products on hand to protect the environment, employees, and property.

At EcoSpill, they understand your confusion when it comes to spill-absorbing products. They’ve got a wide range of sorbents available to help you clean up liquids in the workplace. Their absorbent mats are easy to use because all you have to do is put the pad on the spillage, pat it down, and then watch as the liquid is drawn into it. It’s actually a magical thing to see, though it’s not recommended to spill something just to watch. If you’re unsure of what mat style you require, you can always talk to their friendly staff to get advice.

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