Corrosive Storage Cabinets And Their Benefits

Corrosives are used in a variety of industries as cleaning agents, stripping agents, and much more. While they can be helpful so that employees can do their work quickly, they can also be dangerous and should be stored away from other products. Some people incorrectly believe that they can set them on any shelf away from other products, but regulations state that you must put corrosives in corrosive storage cabinets that have a latching door. That way, if the container leaks or breaks, the liquids are contained and away from other products.

Corrosive storage cabinets have many benefits. They keep the flammables and corrosives away from other products. That way, you reduce the risk of fire and combustion. The best thing to do is look for a cabinet with a polyethylene tray; all products aren’t designed like that, so it’s best to read the description to ensure that yours has it. The polyethylene doesn’t react with chemicals and corrosives, which means you have an added layer of protection if leakage or spillage occurs. Along with such, these cabinets keep you compliant with regulations in your area. They should be designed for Australian Standards AS 3780-2008 and should meet or exceed the standards outlined in the rules.

EcoSpill has a variety of corrosive storage cabinets for sale, and they do have polyethylene trays. They also come with a unique powder coating of paint that offers more chemical resistance. That way, if spillage happens inside the cabinet, the corrosives won’t eat through the steel, giving you plenty of time to clean up the mess. The cabinet also features a self-closing and latching door, which prevents mishaps from people rushing and forgetting to close the door. It also uses flash arresters and dual vents for adequate ventilation, ensuring that the fumes don’t build up and combust inside the cabinet.

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