Juice Cleanse Detox Your Way to Improve Health

So, you have heard all of the hype about a juice cleanse detox and want to try it for yourself? There’s only one way to find out if it is right for you and chances are it will be! So many people around the world now rid their body of toxins with a juice cleanse not just to get that boost of good health but also, to try new flavours and test their willpower. It can be tough to replace meals with liquids but once you get into it and reap the health rewards, you are sure to change your way of thinking, not to mention your diet. If you don’t know much about this health-enhancing re-set for the body and mind, let’s learn a little more.

The Effect on the Body

A juice cleanse detox can last from just a couple of days to a few weeks. The length of the cleanse will affect how the body reacts but in general, you can expect the detox to first of all slow down the metabolism, before it learns to speed up again, thus burning calories and contributing to weight loss. After your body goes into ‘conservation mode’ you will gain a clear perspective on the foods that are not good for the body. Expect some feelings of fatigues and perhaps a slight headache to begin with, but pay attention to the water weight you’ll lose – it’s pretty impressive.

The Effect on the Brain

It is not uncommon for the brain to send hunger signals when you begin a juice cleanse detox. After all, you will be cutting down on your intake of solid foods and whilst this will be fairly difficult to overcome at the start, your brain will soon adjust. Before your insides start to sparkle, some lightheadedness might occur. Take this as a sign that the detox is working.

Types of Juice Cleanses

There are so many different juice cleanse detox options out there and to best understand what one(s) will work for you personally, visit a nutritionist or dietician. Some of the most common juice cleanses to improve overall health include green juice cleanses, pressed fruit juice cleanses, deep ‘Zen’ cleanses to restore the body and mind, as well as gut-cleansing detoxes and energy boosters. A provider of juice cleanses will also provide products to suit the active individual, with these juices containing natural ingredients for the ultimate rise in energy levels.

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