Everything You Should Know About Security Doors

Many people still remember the time when they didn’t have to lock their front or back door. Some places still provide the safety necessary to leave your door unlocked, but it is always best to keep them locked at all times, even when you’re home. Burglars know the safe neighbourhoods and will prowl them to find unsuspecting people like you.

However, even with locked doors, you may still be at risk. If your lock system or the door itself isn’t very secure, you could still be a victim of a crime. Most doors can be kicked in, especially by determined criminals. Therefore, you should focus on security doors and find the best ones for your home.

What They Should Do

The security door you choose should have reinforced hinge sides and locks. Door reinforcement is also necessary and can include metal plates to strengthen the door jam. It’s also important to consider that wooden doors can be the best option. However, they should be made entirely of solid hardwood. Many manufacturers will have wood doors that are made of particleboard along with wood. These aren’t strong enough.

What You Can Do To Protect Yourself/Property

You may also consider adding a peephole to an existing door or adding one to your new door. However, you should never feel obligated to open for visitors. If you’re not expecting someone and don’t have an easy way to see who is out there, keep the door locked.

Other Options

The door itself is your first line of defence against trespassers, but you can do many things to increase security. For example, choosing vertical deadbolts, strong screws, door braces and door stops or wedges. Clearview Innovative Window Solutions offers various options to protect you and your home from intrusion.

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