Add Value And Performance To Your Car With Chevy Wheels

While everyone has heard that tyres won’t increase the value of your vehicle, they can provide more balance and performance. While you may upgrade the paint, add new features, such as a new radio or add components like a spoiler, most people don’t think about their wheels. However, getting a new set fit is simple for the professionals at Canterbury Tyre & Mag Supamart, and you can have shiny new Chevy wheels that will look excellent and improve your vehicle’s performance.

Light Weight    

Many manufacturers put on heavy wheels because they aren’t focused on speed or performance at the time of manufacture. However, many Chevy wheels are made of alloy, which is still strong and durable, but is lighter in weight. The less weight of the wheels means you’ll increase speeds faster and may be able to brake more smoothly. You’ll also have better steering performance and better handling all around.

Cool Brakes

A small change to Chevy wheels can also help your brakes cool down quicker. Metal alloy is an excellent heat conductor and can transfer heat away from the vehicle and brakes. They may also provide more airflow to the brake region, helping with the cooling process, as well.

Larger Diameter

A larger wheel may not seem important, but they can look a lot better on the vehicle and can improve steering and response speed. There will be a smaller sidewall, which means more manoeuvrability.


Purchasing more expensive wheels doesn’t have to be a necessity to increase the value of your car. Most people rarely consider the wheel and tyre itself, but they do check to ensure that the tyres are functional. Therefore, if you’ve recently upgraded the tyres and wheel rims, you may be able to get a better asking price for the car.

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