Ford F250 Wheels – Go for the Very Best

Did you know that Ford is one of the longest living car brands surviving to this day? Ford factories are scattered around the globe, as are Ford vehicles. There are numerous benefits associated with owning a Ford vehicle, from the fact that there are plenty of finance options to the longevity that these motors are favoured for. When it comes to choosing wheels for your Ford vehicle, you really ought to opt for the super-duty wheels on the market. If you’re not a major motor head and don’t know a lot about picking out suitable wheels for your ride, use the following buying tips to avoid spending money on poor quality Ford F250 wheels.

Picking Out the Wheel Size

There is no point in buying Ford F250 wheels if you don’t know what wheel size you require! Wheels that are too big or small will not only affect how the vehicle looks but also, will have an impact on its performance. The easiest way to find out the wheel size is to read the manufacturer’s book that came with the car. Alternatively, measure them yourself or provide the supplier of Ford products with the model of your vehicle, so that the sales team can point you in the right direction.

Speed Rating and Aspect Ratio

Two things that come into play when shopping for Ford F250 wheels and tyres are the speed rating and the aspect ratio. Speed rating usually corresponds with the load rating and will be categorised with letters. For example, the letter ‘Y’ indicates that the vehicle can travel at speeds of more than 186 miles per hour (mph), even when carrying a heavy load. The aspect ratio is a percentage, and it relates to the ratio of the tyre height and width. Remember that the tyres must fit onto the wheels, which is why it is important to take these specifications into account.

Ensuring Adequate Clearance

As mentioned above, Ford F250 wheels must be fitted with the right size tyres because otherwise, clearance between the wheels and the vehicle frame and components (such as the exhaust) may not be very much. Adequate clearance allows the suspension to do its job and ensures a smooth ride. It is especially important to take clearance into account if you are an off-roading enthusiast, because you need to pay thought to the rocks and mud that might otherwise get trapped.

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