Dental Implants in the Hill District

If you have gaps in your teeth, have missing teeth, or other dental issues, dental implants in the Hill District can solve all of these issues. What are dental implants? They are made of three parts. One part looks like a screw, and this is placed into the jaw, similar to the root of a tooth. Placing the screw is a minor surgical procedure, and you must wait until the screw fuses with the jaw bone, which can take several months, before completing the rest of the procedure. Once this is fused, a metal piece, called the abutment, is placed into the screw, and on top of that sits a life-like tooth, which functions just like a natural tooth.

Depending on the condition of your mouth currently, dental implants in the Hill District can bring many benefits. The most obvious benefit is the improved appearance and function of your teeth. You will also experience both a better self-esteem and oral health. You might also experience improved speech and comfort. This is especially the case if you have several missing teeth or a misshapen jaw. If, for any reason, there is not enough bone in the jaw to support the implant, the dentist can also do additional procedures, like a bone graft, to help build the jaw up.

Hills Dental Care are experts at all cosmetic dental procedures, including dental implants. The professional team always puts patient comfort first, and they are happy to talk to you about any questions or concerns you have about dental implants. Almost everyone is a candidate for dental implants, and even if you are not a candidate now, the skilled team can evaluate your mouth and jaw and come up with a plan to make you a candidate. For exceptional dental implants in the Hill District, contact them for a consultation.