Why Visit An Epping Dentist

Whether it’s been decades since your last visit or six months, going to the Epping dentist is something that you should be doing twice a year. Dentists focus on prevention, which means cleaning the teeth to remove harmful bacteria and plaque. They also focus on taking X-rays to ensure that the bones are healthy; the X-ray allows them to see deep inside the teeth and gums.

Dentists can also detect dental issues sooner if you go twice a year. For example, it is possible to spot a cavity forming before you feel any pain or discomfort. Therefore, it makes sense to have a check-up twice a year to ensure that your teeth are healthy.

Your Epping dentist is also likely to offer other services, such as cosmetic dentistry. While they want your teeth to be healthy, they realise that most people focus more on aesthetics than health. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that you have a smile you are proud to show off and that your teeth are as healthy as can be. That way, you’re more likely to continue getting routine oral care so that your mouth stays healthy and your smile remains beautiful.

No Gaps Dental offers a variety of services to help you feel and look your best. As your Epping dentist, the professionals listen to your desires, check your teeth and gums, and help you choose the right course of action. Many times, a routine cleaning is all that’s necessary. However, if the dentist notices a cavity, they can recommend a filling. They can also whiten your teeth, help you with implants, and offer orthodontic treatment to those in need. You can also get sedation if you’re anxious or nervous about treatment. Plus, you can bring the entire family to the same location; these dentists treat children, as well.

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