Get Custom Vinyl Stickers Printing to Save Some Money on Marketing

How are your marketing efforts going? Are they steady? Are your efforts creating results? Or are you struggling to make things work? Whatever the situation might be, there’s an offline strategy that you might want to consider – custom vinyl stickers. Businesses in every niche are now adopting this approach as a way of making their company appear professional. A cost-effective option, stickers from Gecko Sticker Signage can be pressed onto vehicles, windows, walls, equipment and handheld gadgets. Let’s find out more about the money-saving potential of prints, shall we?

Stickers Can Be Seen in a Wider Radius

Custom vinyl stickers can be handed out at supermarket checkouts, in dental offices, at shopping malls and at various other places near your business or further afield (depending on what geographical location you want to target). Consider asking friends or family members to hand out stickers for free. You never know who may slap a sticker on their phone case, laptop, refrigerator, work desk or even their vehicle!

Contact Details and Hours

Sure, you should be posting contact details and hours on your company website and Facebook page, but this isn’t always enough. Some customers may find you through word-of-mouth advertising or simply by getting their hands on one of your custom vinyl stickers. In this case, they will need to know when they can get in touch with you and what better way to do this than by listing information about hours and how to get in touch?

Promote Product Information

The main focus of your stickers should be to tell customers what you can do for them. However, you should also take this opportunity to promote product information about your latest range. Alternatively, why not hand out stickers to interested customers who can use their sticker to redeem a discount on selected products?