Rising Damp Problems and the Treatment

Is there a visible line of dirt or do you see water marks approximately one metre above the skirting boards around your home or business premises? If so, this is one of the many signs that you have a rising damp problem that needs addressing. Tide marks can be covered with paint, but this isn’t a way to cure the problem. In fact, covering up these marks could lead to future issues that might cost you an excessive amount in repairs. Instead of dealing with staining using a paintbrush, consider working with a company like Business Name for the following treatment methods.

Dealing with the Effects

First things first, before a professional is able to deal with rising damp problems, the effects should be managed. How is this possible, you ask? Well, instead of opting for a quick fix, such as repainting or buying something from the local hardware store that claims to fix the problem (but actually doesn’t really do much), the cause should be diagnosed. Typical causes of rising damp include high moisture content and poor insulation. An expert should be able to perform an inspection and determine where the root of the problem lies.

Damp Proof Course

The most common form of treatment that is proven to work for rising damp problems will be a damp proof course. The width and length of the walls that appear to have tidal marks on them will be focused on when you hire someone to complete a damp proof course, which involves the use of a waterproof barrier. Water and any moisture that may be present will not be able to penetrate this barrier, therefore you should notice the results fairly soon after the job has been completed. Two popular damp proof course options would be chemical water repellent treatments and pore-blocking salt mixtures, which are the natural choice.