Shutter Blinds: Benefits For The Home

Shutter blinds are usually overlooked as a type of window furnishing because many homeowners prefer Venetian blinds or curtains to cover the windows. However, shutters are also attractive and practical, as well.

For one, they do offer some sound and thermal insulation. When they are closed, the panels do provide some insulation and protect the inside of your home from the sun’s rays and heat. Therefore, you can open the windows and keep the shutters closed and shut; airflow can still come inside to cool the house, but you don’t have the sunlight warming things back up.

Shutter blinds require little maintenance to keep them looking their best. Traditional fabric coverings must be removed and washed (sometimes by hand), and it is likely to take a full day to clean all your window dressings. Shutters can be wiped down using a damp cloth or can even be dusted with a dusting instrument. The process is much simpler. Plus, with shutters, you have more privacy. You can close the shutters, and they cover the entire window. You can still adjust the louvres to let in light, but people still can’t easily see what you have inside the house. Curtains have to stay open or closed, and opened ones don’t provide any privacy.

SP Screens has shutter blinds called plantation shutters. They also offer outdoor roller shutters, which are suitable for use on pergolas and the outside of your windows. Those who want to control the light and louvre position may find that plantation shutters are best. You have something that covers the window, but the slats can be opened or shut part of the way or fully. Once you decide on the features and options you want, you can book a free consultation and then have them installed by a professional.

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