The Advantages Of Corrosive Storage Cabinets

Many businesses work with corrosives as part of their regular routine. They may use them to strip paint or add them to products as necessary. The goal here is to ensure that those corrosives aren’t stored improperly, which could lead to a fire, property damage, injury and more.

Corrosive storage cabinets are the best way to store these flammables because they are made to Australian specifications and will keep these items safe and away from other products and materials. Plus, the cabinet will keep the items secure, so they aren’t stolen or used in a way that isn’t regulated.

When considering corrosive storage cabinets for your company, the goal is to choose versions that are completely safe for everyone. They must allow you to store items on site, even if they are dangerous, still allowing for good housekeeping practices. Look for a cabinet that has been fire tested and approved to exceed the Australian Standard AS3780-2008. You may also want options that are 1.2mm steel, include an electrostatic powder coat finish, and offers dual vents for ventilation purposes. It may also be helpful to choose latching and self-closing doors so that if your hands are full, you can still get it closed properly to avoid spillage and damage.

At EcoSpill, they focus on a variety of products that prevent further damage to the property, people, and environment. They are an industry leader in environmental safety products, ensuring that you get proper training, advice, and the best products imaginable. They are an Australian-owned company that cares for the planet. While they specialise in spill kits, they also have a wide variety of corrosive storage cabinets available that will keep corrosives in a particular place, safe and away from other items, so that you remain compliant and employees are safe.

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