North Sydney Wisdom Teeth Removal: Benefits

The third molars tend to appear during the teenage years, but can erupt in the mid-20s, as well. Many people experience no problems when the third molars erupt, but more and more people do experience complications. If the tooth becomes impacted, it cannot erupt fully because it is covered by bone or gums. In this situation, you need North Sydney wisdom teeth removal.

If you leave the impacted tooth, it is likely to become inflamed and infected over time. This can cause severe pain and discomfort, but it can also affect your other teeth, causing decay and other issues.

North Sydney wisdom teeth removal is also essential to prevent overcrowding and damage to the surrounding teeth. When the tooth erupts into a crowded area, it still has to have a place to go and will move other teeth out of the way to do so. Sometimes, the original tooth shifts backward or forward, causing it to look out of place. Other times, it can shift too much and lean inward, causing you pain when you talk or chew. An erupting tooth with nowhere to go can, therefore, damage the surrounding teeth. Further complications can include a bad bite pattern, loss of teeth, and hygiene problems.

At Toothsome, the goal is to protect your smile by offering advanced services that your general dentist can’t perform safely. They are professionals who can handle any type of oral surgery, which includes North Sydney wisdom teeth removal. You can expect these dentists to offer advanced treatments to help you feel pain-free and deal with your dental problems as early as possible, which can help to ensure that you don’t risk losing your teeth. They also offer dental implants for those patients who have lost teeth over the years, and can restore functionality and aesthetics to their smile.