Why Install An Insect Screen

An insect screen can also be called a flyscreen. They are mesh screens that fit over your doors and windows to allow you to open them up without letting bugs inside the home. In fact, they keep out all pests, which is why most people have started calling them insect screens. They can also prevent birds from getting into the house and wreaking havoc. Plus, the screens can also keep out flying debris, such as leaves, dirt, and trash from outside.

An insect screen can also help you keep energy costs low. You can open the doors and windows to let in natural light, ensuring that you can turn off the artificial lights in your home (during the day). The open doors and windows also allow the fresh breeze to come inside, which means you can shut off the air conditioning. This is especially helpful at night when you want to sleep with the sounds from outside without letting the bugs get into the house. Plus, the screens also protect your family; children and pets can’t fall out of the window with the screen in place, but they also can’t escape outside without your knowledge.

At SP Screens, they understand how important it is to have an insect screen. They’ve got a variety of options from which to choose. For example, their retractable or pleated screens are suitable for almost any window/door configuration and are easy to install. They’ve also got traditional flyscreens, suitable for windows, sliding doors of many varieties, and double/single-hinged doors. If you’re looking for something that can also keep burglars at bay, their security screens are ideal. You can have them installed on any door or window, and they look like traditional screens. Their dual purpose feature ensures that insects and debris can’t get inside, children and pets can’t get outside, and thieves can’t break into the house.

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